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Island Counselling

What to expect when you contact us

If you contact us using the contact form on the front page of the website asking to see a counsellor, you will be allocated a counsellor or, if your prefer,  you may contact the counsellor of your choice from the contact details on their page, which will be confidential between you and them.  

The counsellor will send you information on their practice. They will then arrange a first session with you which will include a free 15 minute consultation to answer any questions that arise from the information sent to you and to complete the necessary paperwork. Therefore please allow one hour and fifteen minutes for this session. This will be charged at our hourly rate which is from £60. 

If at any time during or following the first session it seems more appropriate for your needs to be met by another member of the team or a third party, then your permission will be requested to pass contact details on to them. Although we work under the umbrella of Island Counselling, we work individually with whoever may contact us.

Counselling sessions

Counselling sessions will last for up to one hour. The number and frequency of sessions will be discussed and mutually agreed with you. There will be a regular review of the counselling sessions and objectives.

The number of sessions a client needs varies from person to person. At first, your counsellor might suggest that you mutually agree to work together for 6 sessions. Generally, 6-10 sessions is considered short-term therapy, whereas longer term therapy is considered to be more than 10 sessions. The number of sessions will depend on each client's individual needs. This will be your choice but for therapy to have a continuity we do suggest that sessions are attended on a regular basis, if possible, and that you have a final ‘ending’ session with your counsellor.

Our rates and payment information

We charge from £60 per session. For those on low income, concession rates are available by negotiation with individual counsellors prior to the first session.


Beatrice charges £60 per session for couple counselling and supervision sessions.


Please note that payment will be arranged with your individual counsellor, not with Island Counselling.

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